Dream realized but short-lived

Upon his retirement from South Park Baptist Church, Houston, Texas in 1992, George May returned to San Andres to work with the local people to establish the first institution of higher educatio for Afro-Caribbeans.  Many individuals, coleges, universities, businesses, and governments lent their expertise to assist in such a difficult undertaking.  They gave their time, equipment, material, and financial resources to ensure the realization of the San Andres International University (former Christian University) project.

Nine local island churches gave a quaterly love offering. Nine other of the local churches gave a one-time sacrificial donation to the project.  Land was donated.  Educators from universities in the United States volunteered their time to teach.  The Colombiann government along with many churches and other organizations in  the United States gave funds.

During the second week of February 1998, through the University was still undergoing construction, the first classes were held.  The first students consisted of thirty (30) Colombian mainland policemen who enrolled to learn English.

The second graduating class consisted of fifty (50) elementary school teachers sho enrolled in billingual education in 2004.